About Us The Nut House USA


The Nut House Company was founded in 1953 in Amman-Jordan and was known for roasting top of the line grade A quality tree nuts. Shortly after we opened our small shop, many locals started to frequent the store looking for the amazing taste of our fresh imported and daily roasted tree nuts which eventually attracted all the 5 stars hotels in the country and region. It wasn’t long before we started supplying all these 5 star hotels, fancy coffee shops, and chain food stores in Jordan and nearby countries throughout the Middle East.
The secret to our success besides importing the highest quality tree nuts is the way we roast, and since The Nut House Company is very well known for promoting healthy eating, our roasting process becomes key in achieving this purpose.
In case you’re wondering about our secret method of roasting, here’s a quick idea of how it’s all done.
After we follow the steps of cleaning and prepping the tree nuts we intend to roast, we start the roasting process by heating up food grade salt in huge old fashion machines with rotating drums as big as cement mixers to extremely high temperatures, then we allow the nuts to roast indirectly off the heat of the heated salt slowly until roasted to perfection. Our roasting process is very precise, costly and time consuming however, the outcome is always very well worth it!
Many rosters choose to fry nuts which saves them lots of labor and time and adds oil weight to products which is way more profitable however, this method of roasting or rather frying, pretty much defeats the purpose of eating nuts.

Turkish Delights
Our amazing display of Turkish delights in not only colorful, but extremely soft and tasteful! The makers of our famous delights have been in business since 1907 and know to be the best of the best. They use the finest most natural ingredients and only make it upon order, the fact that we use air shipping to import our delights keeps it always fresh and unique in every way. We carry both delights, with freshly roasted nuts and without.

Turkish coffee
Gourmet Turkish coffee is a very popular item in our store. Our Turkish coffee consist of a mix of four different coffee beans from four different parts of the world, we also slowly roast coffee in very traditional and old fashion roasters to create that perfect taste everyone craves.
When grinding our coffee, a generous amount of Cardamom gets added to the mix which we grind in Swiss made top quality coffee grinders that pulverizes the coffee beans to that powdered like texture.

Amore Chocolate
We have our own brand of the finest chocolate. As we were traveling the Middle East and Europe looking for the best tasting chocolate, we stumbled upon a small chocolate company located in Amman-Jordan and were very impressed with the unique taste of this chocolate mostly mixed with nuts, cookies, caramel or coconut. My daughters took one bite and immediately fill in love with natural amazing taste so she decided to call it Amore, which means love in Italian. Our chocolate makers are known to have the best chocolates in the Middle East for the past 28 years. We also have chocolate covered nuts such as Almonds and Hazelnuts and few verities of chocolate covered dried fruits such as Ginger, Pineapple and Papaya. Once our customers get a bite of our Amore chocolates, “WOW” is the first word that comes out their mouth, and when they ask us what this Amore chocolate is made from, we say, it’s made from pure love!

Dried Fruits,
Our dried fruits are also imported from Turkey, Syria and South America. It is 100% fruits and has no artificial flavors whatsoever and that’s why we use it in our popular dried fruit/raw nuts mix knows as (The Nut House mix) which include 14-17 items of raw nuts and dried fruits which is probably the healthiest snack in the entire store.

We choose to only import the best highest quality nuts, coffee, dried fruits, chocolates and Turkish delights. And we always tell our customers, if it’s not the best, we do not have it.
Our product are authentic and very reasonably priced so don’t hesitate to treat your taste buds to best and healthiest snacks we provide here at The Nut House.